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Written by Dr Davina Deniszczyc

Charity and Medical Director, Responsible Officer at Nuffield Health

Ingenuity’s drive to strengthen communities, improve health and tackle climate change aligns with Nuffield Health’s purpose, to build a healthier nation, and we are united through our passion and commitment to deliver meaningful impact to individuals, communities and society.  

We are proud to partner with Ingenuity through this inspiring programme of initiatives that support young people from under-served groups.  We’re all too aware of the health inequalities experienced in local communities across the nation. By nurturing tomorrow’s talent via this initiative, we can contribute to eradicating health inequality and together improve the health and wellbeing of the nation. 

Driving social mobility

It’s also important that we measure the impact of this work to ensure it is meaningful and to understand how we can have even greater impact in the future. We do this via our Social Return on Investment framework. That is, the amount of benefit we deliver to society by providing a certain service or form of support. It was clear to me that the Ingenuity programme had the potential to deliver meaningful, measurable change and aligned perfectly with Nuffield Health’s public benefit strategy which focuses on:  

  • improving the lives of people in underserved groups/living with low resources in local communities;  
  • reducing health inequalities;  
  • and improving the environment within communities focusing on sustainability, reducing climate change and achieving carbon zero targets.  

When you add in the focus of the programme to support those from underserved groups to get involved in civic entrepreneurship, the Ingenuity and Nuffield Health partnership is a perfect fit. 

This year’s programme has been an incredibly exciting start to our partnership and the Nuffield Health sponsored start-ups present a wide range of inspiring initiatives that will impact the  communities. We’re so humbled by the incredible support these initiatives will provide, including enriching the lives of people living with dementia, increasing access to the outdoors for people living with lower resources, combatting loneliness and giving a vital lifeline to people experiencing domestic violence. We believe that we can truly start to tackle some of the UK’s social and environmental challenges by supporting the creation of these innovative start-ups. 

We’re also very proud to have directly supported this year’s participants; through providing expertise in areas such as input into training resources, business mentoring of around 70 budding changemakers, and acting as regional and national judges.  Over 60 Nuffield Health employees have actively participated in the 2023 programme, greatly enriching their own working environment and increasing their appreciation of the challenges that society faces. Each person involved has been inspired by the drive and passion of the participants they have connected with and learned a huge amount from hearing about the lived experience of the changemakers and helping them shape their passions into a viable business plan.  

The mentoring process was an enlightening experience, supporting others and providing them with the foundations to grow a financially viable business that really will have a huge impact on society and the environment.
Nuffield Health mentor

Celebrating the Class of 2023

At the recent Ingenuity Impact Event and Ingenuity Showcase at the Power of Partnerships conference, the 2023 cohort were able to share their business ideas to a wider audience, including Nuffield Health and representatives from our partner organisations. These were amazing opportunities for 2023 participants, Nuffield Health and the Ingenuity team to come together and celebrate the achievements of our 2023 Changemakers and the impact of the Ingenuity Programme this year.

Nuffield Health is an incredibly proud partner to Ingenuity, and we’re humbled to play our part in supporting upcoming entrepreneurs to make meaningful impact in the communities in which they live.
Mary O'Reilly, Chief Communications Officer, Nuffield Health

Enabling civic entrepreneurship

This is not the end, but just the start of Nuffield Health’s partnership with Ingenuity. We look forward to supporting this year’s winners in the months to come, seeing how their ideas develop and thrive going forward. With the Ingenuity team we are exploring various ways in which we can collaborate, or support, some of the other existing participants on the programme, building on the great relationships we have developed so far.  We are busy evaluating the impact of this year’s programme for both participants, communities and society and we’re exploring exciting developments of the Ingenuity programme.   

We are delighted to play our part in supporting up and coming entrepreneurs that are making such a meaningful impact in their communities. All of the participants should be incredibly proud, and I look forward to seeing how these fantastic programmes
Ben Davies, Organisational Development Director, Nuffield Health

Together Nuffield Health and the Ingenuity team at the University of Nottingham will ensure the term ‘civic entrepreneurship’ is recognised both as a term, but more importantly as a verb…not simply a set of actions of a state of being, but about being supported to actively pursue value and meaningful impact on society.

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