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For our shortlisted regional finalists, the time has come to prepare your video pitches to really breathe life into your business plans. We thought we’d share our top 5 tips for making a great pitch video: 


1. Get our attention.  While you’ve got a limit of 10 minutes to pitch your idea, be sure to get the panel interested from the beginning – a straightforward appeal that gets right to the point can be the most effective way of communicating your ideas. 


2. Don’t assume the panel already know what your idea is. Be sure to introduce your business plan clearly and highlight the impact your idea will create throughout your pitch. 


3. Key pointsdon’t forget the key criteria we are looking for!


  • Social impact Clear impact chain linking the organisation’s activities and outputs to positive social or environmental outcomes and impact. 
  • Business modelA solid understanding of their revenue generating model with realistic evidence-based assumptions, and a plan for social and financial sustainability. 
  • TeamA good team with the skills and drive to deliver the mission and vision. 
  • Investment opportunity: Clearly identified investment need that supports development of organisation and growth of social impact. 
"People remember people who can tell a good story!”
Lizzie Smith, Head of Programme

4. Make it personal. Investors get excited about a product when they connect with the team behind it – especially if the team have a personal connection to the project themselves. So speak directly to the camera and show us your passion! Chances are, if you believe in it – we’ll believe in it, too. 


5. Make sure we can see and hear you! – If we can’t hear you properly, we might miss out on vital information, so make sure you record your video in a quiet space and try to eliminate any external noise! Similarly, make sure the lighting is right in your video so we can actually see you – try not to sit facing a bright window, or in a dimly lit room. 


“People remember people who can tell a good story!” says Lizzie Smith, our Head of Programme. “When recording your pitch, you won’t be able to read and respond to the body language and signals a live panel of judges would usually be giving you. But don’t let that get in the way of your storytelling. Imagine there is an audience of your supporters hanging on your every word while you’re pitching. Draw them in by using body language to show warmth and confidence, and leave them feeling as inspired and excited by your idea as you are!” 


Good luck to everyone making their videos – we can’t wait to see your pitches!


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