Ingenuity alumna Trishna Daswaney

Kohl Kreatives

“Make-up is a tool to enhance the way you look and feel, that helps you feel more comfortable in your own skin.”

Kohl Kreatives Founder Trishna Daswaney’s journey with make-up started from a young age. After being bullied for her appearance as a teenager, she began to use make-up as a tool to empower herself and improve her self-esteem.

She joined the Ingenuity Programme in 2017, with an idea for beauty tool line where the profits could be used to run workshops for three distinct communities: the transgender community, the cancer care community, and the motor disability community.

“Beauty tools are something everyone picks up – it’s something that, regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability, you would use to apply make-up. I wanted to create beauty tools that were truly inclusive and were available to everyone, from beginners to beauty practitioners, but also for those with motor disabilities.”

Through the programme, Trishna furthered her business skills, and received mentoring and seed funding to develop Kohl Kreatives, which has gone on to achieve significant commercial success.

“Being part of Ingenuity was a great opportunity. It was amazing to be surrounded by people who are there to promote your business and support your growth in all the best ways.”

Her line of beauty tools are vegan, cruelty free and made from sustainable or biodegradable plastics, and now stocked in leading retailers across the UK, US and Asia. Proceeds from the make-up brush sales are invested into Kohl Kares, the charity arm of the business, which provides free workshops internationally to empower people through make-up.

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