Ingenuity Programme alumna Katie Walker of ExpHand Prosthetics

ExpHand Prosthetics

Around 90% of people in need of prosthetics around the world are unable to access them, most likely due to the lack of affordable options.

When Kate Walker met Zoey, a child born with below elbow limb loss, she had never been offered a prosthetic.

This inspired Kate to develop a solution.

After some initial research, Kate identified that there was a gap in the market for prosthetics that could grow with a child. With a background in Product Design Engineering, Kate set about using her interest in 3D printing to create a solution: “It seemed like a good manufacturing method for my idea because it could produce lightweight yet complexly designed parts.”

She spent time researching the market to gain a greater understanding of user needs, and decided to join the Ingenuity Programme in 2019.

“I really enjoyed looking at all of the different aspects of business. Having never studied business before, this was really useful to give me a base level knowledge of lots of different topics.”

At the 2019 Impact Evening, Kate was awarded several prizes, including Experian’s Entrepreneur of the Year, the People’s Choice Award, the Brenda Dean Award, the BDO award, and the Engineers in Business Award.

“It was such a shock and surprise, I was completely taken aback on the evening. I think the outpour of support and recognition I felt that evening was the biggest thing for me, it showed me just how well received my business was and really spurred me on in my business journey.”

The prize money she received and connections she made through the programme enabled her to move forward with her business and continue developing her prototypes.

ExpHand Prosthetics is now raising its first round of investment before certifying its products ready for sale, giving children access to the adjustable prosthetics they need.

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