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In recent months, we have seen a surge in community spirit and bottom-up initiatives in response to Covid-19.

How can we harness this momentum to  create  more  inclusive  and  effective  communities, ensuring no one gets left behind?  In the UK we are currently experiencing a ‘loneliness epidemic’  that is  corroding modern life,  and a housing crisis that affects over eight million people. While the rise of technology has brought people together like  never before, it is also alienating society’s most vulnerable and enabling social exclusion.  A spotlight has been shone  on racism and the inequities suffered by BAME communities, something we all have a role in tackling.  Building more  resilient  rural, coastal and urban places  will help  create  the  dynamic and powerful  communities  of tomorrow.

We are looking for radical new ideas of how we can create stronger, more agile and interconnected communities that benefit people throughout their lives. How can we use technology to re-imagine ‘place’ and create communities that empower more people?

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Optional Charity Challenges

Within each of our Challenge Pathways, participants have the option of honing their idea further by choosing one of our Charity Challenges. We have partnered with some of the UK’s leading charities and think tanks, and the winning idea for each Charity Challenge will receive mentoring from senior experts within the organisations or an investment prize.

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Centre for Ageing Better

The Centre for Ageing Better are looking to support new solutions to create safe and accessible homes, and to help people to stay in, or return to, fulfilling employment. Find out more about these Challenges.


Crisis are looking to support new solutions that can help end homelessness by creating effective training and employment opportunities, and establishing sustainable housing options. Find out more about these Challenges.

Engineers in Business Fellowship

The Engineers in Business Fellowship are looking to support new solutions from participating university partners to:

  • Use technology and software to enable more connected and prosperous communities
  • Create a greater understanding, engagement and interaction with technology and engineering

Find out more about these Challenges.


Groundwork is looking to support new solutions that can build community resilience by:

  • Providing equitable access to nature
  • Tackling loneliness and social isolation
  • Supporting sustainable local economies

Find out more about these Challenges.

Youth Futures Foundation

Youth Futures Foundation are looking to support new solutions to:

  • Provide meaningful and sustainable work opportunities
  • Close the employment gap for young people from particular BAME groups
  • Create opportunities for young people with special education needs of disabilities (SEND).

Find out more about these Challenges.

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