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The city of Nottingham has set the ambitious target to be carbon neutral by 2028. Looking for innovative and ground-breaking solutions Nottingham will be a world leader delivering to its residents:

  • A safe city
  • A healthy city
  • A city of opportunities
  • An inclusive city
  • A city that takes care of its residents
  • A city where everyone is able to reach their full potential.

Solutions will deliver a place where all citizens will have access to clean air and water; fresh, affordable and nutritious food, and quality blue and green spaces. Getting around the city is sociable and enjoyable; improving mental and physical health and connecting people with nature and each other. The goods we use are created, re-used, repaired and recycled locally, boosting local enterprise. And Nottingham will become a global exemplar of how to create an increasingly self-sufficient, resilient and productive green city.

In partnership with Ingenuity, we are looking to support and invest in the most viable and innovative ideas that can:

1. Enable carbon reduction

How can we reduce carbon production across the city and increase carbon capture as we scale back on polluting technologies? How will we evolve the ways we travel, live in our homes, and produce what we need?

2. Create an equal, green and circular economy

How can we bring the green economy to all residents, reduce the disproportionate impact of climate change on low-income communities, and engage with all part of the business community?

3. Boost employment and drive economic recovery

How can community-led enterprises help drive Nottingham’s levelling up agenda and provide training, jobs and employment to help tackle the climate crisis? In particular how can we improve training and access to green jobs for young people facing barriers to employment?

Nottingham City Council’s support package

Nottingham City Council are offering a £10,000 support package (2 x £5,000 mentorships) to help launch and pilot the best ideas that respond to this Challenge.

The support package is open to the best ideas from across Ingenuity’s 2021 cohort but they must register their business to a Nottingham address (e.g. incubator or office space) to be eligible for any prizes.

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