Ingenuity Programme alumna, Claire Henson of Anxiety Map Programme

Anxiety Map Programme

For people with anxiety or panic disorders, navigating public spaces becomes nearly impossible.

Busy city centres with limited facilities or places to seek refuge and support can leave them feeling isolated and sometimes unable to leave their house.

This was the case for Claire Henson, after she had a relapse of her mental health in 2015.

She joined the Ingenuity Programme in 2019 without a business idea, but with a real passion to create change for people who struggled with their mental health.

During the programme, Claire developed the idea of The Anxiety Map Programme, which aims to create a network of venues trained in anxiety accessibility and mental health awareness, teaching them how to provide safe spaces across towns and cities for those who live with anxiety or panic disorders.

Following the Ingenuity Impact evening, where Claire won seed funding from Santander, she completed her training as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and has since become a Suicide First Aid Associate Tutor. She was also procured by Nottingham Forest Community Trust to deliver their mental health support for the club’s fanbase and local community.

“The Ingenuity Process has been life changing for me. It gave me the space to explore an idea that would otherwise just be wishful thinking and turn it into something that will help change the lives of people living with anxiety, like myself.”

The Anxiety Map Programme is now online and is working with businesses in Nottingham to train them in how they can create spaces where people experiencing anxiety or panic can feel supported and able to deal with their symptoms.

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