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Are you up for a Challenge? We are asking Ingenuity participants to come up with business solutions posed by the key issues facing our world today.

To get you thinking about how you can meet the Ingenuity Challenges, navigate to the Challenge pages where there are lots of resources to help you explore the issues.

If you’d like to play your part in tackling these Challenges, apply to Ingenuity today.


Create prosperity

How can we improve financial inclusion and resilience, to enable sustainable prosperity and growth?


Build community

How can we create stronger, more inclusive and accessible communities that benefit individuals throughout their lives?

Improve health

How do we improve people’s health in body and mind, tackle health inequalities and provide long-term health security?


Tackle climate change

How do we evolve our ways of living, how society operates, and work together in ways that are more sustainable?

The Ingenuity Process has been life changing for me. It gave me the space to explore an idea and turn it into something that will help change lives.
Claire Henson, Mind Map
I want to grow my ideas
I want to get involved

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