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Building Stronger Communities

There are nearly four million older people suffering with loneliness in the UK, and combined with communities experiencing racial inequality, the need for interconnected communities has never been greater. The housing crisis affects over eight million people, and whilst the rise of technology has brought together people during Covid-19, it is also alienating society’s most vulnerable and enabling social exclusion.

We are looking for radical new ideas of how to create stronger, more inclusive, and more accessible communities that benefit people throughout their lives.

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Improving health

The outbreak of Covid-19 impacted all aspects of life and public health. However, prior to the pandemic, health inequalities were already on the rise, with low-income areas and communities experiencing racial inequality impacted the most. The number of people affected by mental health issues was increasing exponentially, whilst the current generation of children were deemed the ‘least active ever’.

We are looking for programmes, products and health-tech services that can improve people’s physical and mental health, tackle health inequalities, increase access to knowledge, and provide long-term health security.

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Tackling climate change

Climate change is no longer an issue for the future, with warmer winters, hotter summers, rising sea levels and changing rainfall patterns already having devastating impacts on communities, economies, and ecosystems around the UK. Our consumer habits are also having a global effect through over consumption, unethical pricing, and creating unsustainable global economies.

We are looking for innovative products, services, and partnerships from across all parts of the UK that can engage in the circular economy, reduce our carbon footprint, and help society to work in more sustainable ways.

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