Impact award

Winners 2021

Below are the winners of the 2021 Ingenuity Impact Awards.

But first, take a look at all of our Finalist’s pitches:

ChangeXtra profile photo

Award Winner


  • Impact Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Brenda Dean Award for Female Entrepreneurship
  • Health Challenge National Champion
  • East Midlands Champion (First Prize)
  • Engineers in Business Fellowship (First Prize)
  • Shakespeare Martineau Legal Prize (East Midlands)

ChangeXtra is passionate about empowering women through positive change. We are an organisation where women, with lived experience, support other women through the menopause through counselling, coaching, support and access to learning. We help women to age well.

To contact this business, email and put ChangeXtra as the subject. 

Saving hood profile pic

Award Winner


  • Prosperity Challenge National Champion
  • West Midlands Champions (First Prize)
  • Shakespeare Martineau Legal Prize (West Midlands)

SavingHood aspires to revolutionise personal savings by providing a digital platform for community driven savings that is easy, accessible, secure and transparent, to enable users to achieve their personal saving goals. It is aimed for a wide range of consumers, from financially stable yet unaware individuals or vulnerable people who want to manage their money better to under-banked members of society that need a chance to improve their financial well-being. 

To contact this business, email and put SavingHood as the subject.  

Hyperlites profile photo

Award Winner

The Hyperlites Community

  • Community Challenge National Champion
  • West of England Champions (Second Prize)
  • Shakespeare Martineau Legal Prize (West of England)

We aim to support and resource students and young people using coaching, mentoring and workshops. We feel that support is needed when studying for their futures. My own experience is that I attended university and thought life would be straight forward and to my own surprise it wasn’t.  

To contact this business, email and put The Hyperlites Community as the subject. 

Velma profile photo

Award Winner


  • Health Challenge National Champion 
  • South Coast Champion (First Prize)
  • Shakespeare Martineau Legal Prize (South Coast)

This proposal saves lives. Thousands of lives. Deep vein thrombosis kills 25,000 people a year in the UK. It affects all ages. It happens after illnesses like Covid-19 and following surgery. Most are preventable through simple measures we will communicate powerfully to patients using this award-winning life- and cost-saving green app.

To contact this business, email and put Velma as the subject. 

Seaweed Culture team pic

Award Winner

Seaweed Culture

  • Climate Challenge National Champion
  • East Midlands Champions (Second Prize)
  • Shakespeare Martineau Legal Prize (East Midlands)

Seaweed Culture is tackling the growing problem of methane production from livestock in the agricultural industry. Seaweed Culture is creating climate mitigating livestock feed using a patentable onshore system to cultivate a seaweed species which reduces methane production in livestock by up to 95% with no negative effects.  

To contact this business, email and put Seaweed Culture as the subject. 

NAT team photo

Award Winner

Nutrition advisory team

  • Brenda Dean Award for Female Entrepreneurship
  • South Coast Champions (Second Prize)
  • Shakespeare Martineau Legal Prize (South Coast)

A digital health education tool for primary school-aged children, underpinned by the philosophy that every child matters. Our service delivers engaging and informative cultural and weight-positive digital health education to pupils, created by evidence-based healthcare professionals and teachers. It strengthens communities, contributing to closing the health inequality gap.

To contact this business, email and put Nutrition Advisory Team as the subject. 

Astolos photo

Award Winner


  • Ingenuity Special Award

High-end, long lasting jewellery helping people with health issues gently start work by making jewellery from home in their own time. The company will project positivity in life despite human struggles and support charities. Astolos means precious stone in Latin – our earth, our community, our health need to be treasured.

To contact this business, email and put Astolos as the subject. 

Mature movers photo

Award Winner

Mature Movers

  • Centre for Ageing Better Challenge Award
  • Football Foundations Challenge Award (Albion Foundation and Nottingham Forest Community Trust) 

Mature Movers strives to redefine expectations of ageing by promoting physical activity after 60. Our combination of virtual personalised group exercise and social interaction aims to facilitate exercise adherence and tackle social isolation. We inspire older adults to move more so that they age well regardless of physical limitations.

To contact this business, email and put Mature Movers as the subject. 

Fundarely team photo

Award winner


  • Centre for Ageing Better Challenge Award

Fundarely offers an interactive platform for the elderly seeking community belonging, learning, and support from a virtual personal assistant from home. Targeting and educating suitable candidates, we aim to help society to move towards accepting equality and diversity, prioritising ethnic minorities, refugees and homeless who are disadvantaged by Covid-19. 

To contact this business, email and put Fundarely as the subject. 

Safely Ever After profile photo

Award winner

Safely Ever After

  • Crisis Challenge Award

My product is a fintech banking app designed to support people escaping economically abusive relationships. It provides an interface accessible to those with low financial education dealing with typical problems facing survivors such as debt, universal credit and child support. It provides user alerts when anything is concerning or suspicious.  

To contact this business, email and put Safely Ever After as the subject. 

Permasource profile photo

Award winner


  • Crisis Challenge Award

PermaSource is a staffing agency unlike any other. Alongside teaching key skills for today’s (and tomorrow’s) workplace, we aim to provide long term solutions for those in unstable or unsuitable housing conditions, connecting them with a range of employers and changing their financial potential in the long term. 

To contact this business, email and put PermaSource as the subject. 

HiVu team photo

Award winner


  • Groundwork Challenge Award

We utilise the concept of economies of scale. Instead of exploitatively providing individualised WiFi to each flat in a tower block or shared tenancy building, we want to provide one shared system to each building. If we apply Enterprise Grade WiFi residentially, we can improve quality whilst making access cheaper. 

To contact this business, email and put HiVu as the subject. 

Foodprint team photo

Award winner

Foodprint on Wheels

  • Groundwork Challenge Award
  • Carbon Neutral Challenge Award (Nottingham City Council)
  • Football Foundations Challenge Award (Notts County Foundation)

Foodprint on Wheels is a mobile supermarket brought to you by Nottingham’s first social supermarket — Foodprint. We sell and redistribute surplus food to simultaneously tackle food waste, insecurity and accessibility. FoW targets the isolated areas beyond Sneinton while operating commercially to generate an additional revenue stream to support other operations.  

To contact this business, email and put Foodprint on Wheels as the subject. 

Diversity in recruitment photo

Award winner

Diversity in Recruitment

  • Youth Futures Challenge Award

Diversity in Recruitment champions Youth and BAME candidates to better their career aspirations. I’m passionate about tackling wealth inequality. The company will recruit for roles in the IT sector. This will ensure companies are drawing talent from the best pool of candidates available.  

To contact this business, email and put Diversity in Recruitment as the subject. 

elevate value profile pic

Award winner

Elevate Value

  • Youth Futures Challenge Award
  • West of England Champion (Third Prize)

Youth unemployment is rising, the system is in crisis. Organisations investing with little impact. Elevate Value bridges the gaps, a new approach to youth employment. Tackling youth unemployment and imbalances within society, worsened by the pandemic. Elevate Value is catalyst for change, the forefront of innovative employability and career support. 

To contact this business, email and put Elevate Value as the subject. 

Curify profile pic

Award winner


  • East Midlands Champions (Third Prize)

Curify aims to strengthen mental health and boost local economies by bringing University students together to participate in shared exploring, experiences, and learning. This is achieved through the app by converting Nottingham into a hyper-local bucket list where students can connect and compete to earn discounts, digital points and badges. 

To contact this business, email and put Curify as the subject. 

Moneybug profile pic

Award winner


  • West Midlands Champions (Second Prize)
  • Shakespeare Martineau Legal Prize (West Midlands)

MoneyBug, a game-style online learning platform for improving financial literacy, with a focus on being interactive and interesting. Aiming to provide everyone with the resources and skills to make informed financial decisions. Offering premium subscriptions to schools, families and individuals, whilst remaining free for those who cannot afford to pay. 

To contact this business, email and put MoneyBug as the subject. 

Grffn team photo

Award winner


  • West of England Champions (First Prize)
  • Shakespeare Martineau Legal Prize (West of England)

Growing Real Food for Nutrition CIC is an ambitious UK social enterprise with a USP to empower farmers, growers and gardeners to grow nutrient dense food with an app that can self-certify the nutritional quality of their food production, to regenerate the health of soils, plants, citizens and the planet. 

To contact this business, email and put Grffn as the subject. 

Unitopia team photo

Award winner


  • Engineers in Business Fellowship Challenge Award (First Prize)
  • Football Foundation Challenge Award (Albion Foundation and Nottingham Forest Community Trust)

Passionate about people and the planet. University and Council focused. Supporting these partners in meeting sustainability and community engagement goals; Unitopia aims to be a self-sustainable social enterprise; commercially producing food to pay for our expertise and time to deliver community-focused projects aiming to alleviate food poverty and environmental impact.

To contact this business, email and put Unitopia as the subject. 

Motto photo

Award winner


  • Engineers in Business Fellowship Challenge Award

Motto is an impact-led freelance platform centred around creating a community of skilled individuals passionate about driving change, with the benefits of reaching communities of all sizes, within the UK and around the world. As more people seek environmentally and socially conscious work, Motto aims to help turn passion into action. 

To contact this business, email and put Motto as the subject. 

In-Veeta team pic

award winner


  • Engineers in Business Fellowship Challenge Award 

We are creating a smart domestic garden to bring nature back into people’s homes and benefits that come with it. We want to address health and specifically the importance of good nutrition at a low cost and a low carbon cost. Create a community with a greener urban environment.   

To contact this business, email and put In-Veeta as the subject. 

Wild lens team photo

Award winner

Wild Lens

  • Engineers in Business Fellowship Challenge Award 

Wild Lens is a barometer for wildlife. Using state of the art image and audio recognition it builds a digital picture of ecosystem change and impact. Farmers, landowners and property developers will use Wild Lens to help them quantify the positive and negative influence of their actions on natural ecosystems.

To contact this business, email and put Wild Lens as the subject. 

GOAB bio engineers team photo

award winner

GOAB bio engineers

  • Engineers in Business Fellowship Challenge Award 

The annual quantity of plastic waste generated globally is estimated to reach 33 billion tonnes in 2050. We have produced composite boards from plastic waste and wood shavings. Our products are durable, and our business model presents long term benefits in the reduction of plastic waste that goes into landfill sites 

To contact this business, email and put GOAB Bio Engineers as the subject. 

Ludos photo

Award winner


  • Carbon Neutral Challenge Award (Birmingham City Council)

I have used gamification to induce sustainable behaviour within students, reducing universities’ energy bills. Following a trial at the University of Warwick, I will leverage my strong network to reach customers, expanding to science and business parks. I will bring two partners to bridge gaps and require £10,000-£40,000 to start the PLC. 

To contact this business, email and put Ludos as the subject. 

Loop photo

Award winner


  • Carbon Neutral Challenge Award (Birmingham City Council)

In order to tackle the textile waste problem, LOOP locates all of the second hand shops, recycling facilities and events in the neighbourhood for consumers to find all of them in one application. The app is free for users, but brands and organisations pay a subscription fee.

To contact this business, email and put Loop as the subject. 

Ecoalo team photo

Award winner


  • Football Foundation Challenge Award (Notts County Foundation)

Ecoalo is an affordable, sustainable and educational recipe box. Using surplus food to tackle food waste, we offer an environmentally friendly and inexpensive approach to cooking. Providing access, skills and knowledge, we propose a practical way to reduce health inequities and promote healthy behaviours that can transcend a lifetime. 

To contact this business, email and put Ecoalo as the subject. 

Apollon Grid team photo

Award winner

Apollon Grid

  • Carbon Neutral Challenge Award (Nottingham City Council)

Legislation and climate-driven committees are pushing for sustainable energy use. This means we must switch our reliance on non-renewable energy sources and convert renewable energy to be the primary source of energy. New opportunities exist for homeowners to become individual power producers of variable renewable energy, such as solar PV and wind energy. This is done through net metering of excess energy into the grid at a paid price via premiums, feed-in tariffs and cash payments. This will reduce reliance on fossil fuels, improve distribution of clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions thus improving sustainability. 

To contact this business, email and put Apollon Grid as the subject. 

Finalists and Nominees

The below businesses were not selected for awards but were shortlisted as National Finalists and Charity Award Nominees. Congratulations to all who took part. 

aero agriculture team photo

National Finalist

Aero Agriculture

Aero Agriculture plans to reduce food wastage, reliance on supermarkets and positively impact people’s mental health through use of aeroponic agricultural technology and revolutionizing agricultural supply chainsThis allows plants to grow up to three times faster as well as use less water, pesticides and fertiliser than traditional growing methods.

To contact this business, email and put Aero Agriculture as the subject. 

CHI Works team photo

National Finalist

CHI Works

CHI Works is a unique student-led social enterprise focusing on health and wellbeing issues to improve activity levels within the local community. Empowering University of Chichester students to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Resulting in “More people, more active, more often in the disadvantaged communities. 

To contact this business, email and put CHI Works as the subject. 

Field school profile pic

National finalist

Field School

Field School seeks to connect people in combatting climate change, developing young people into stewards of their environment and improving the mental and physical resilience of whole communities. It aims to create a chain reaction in the world of education so it can facilitate positive behaviour change. 

To contact this business, email and put Field School as the subject. 

Oceanbound profile pic

National finalist


OceanBound is a fashion brand dedicated to making completely circular apparel, taking waste away from our precious ecosystems. Starting off with sliders made from non-virgin plastics, the customer will feel confident in the clothes they wear, knowing that they’re not contributing to the second most polluting industry in the world.

To contact this business, email and put OceanBound as the subject. 

Green Reset Project photo

National finalist

The Green Reset Project

The Green Reset Project aims to capture carbon and change its structure to be stored underground for good. While this process is ongoing, the project will clear landfills, create electricity, heat, gas, and a potent soil fertilizer. It will restore our environment in a non-disruptive manner by using natural resources. 

To contact this business, email and put The Green Reset Project as the subject. 

Congratulations to everybody!

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