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We are currently living through an unprecedented global pandemic, with Covid-19 impacting on all aspects of life and public health.  However, before the outbreak of coronavirus, we were already struggling with the health of the nation. Health inequalities were increasing, impacting those from BAME communities and deprived areas the most. Mental health issues  were  rising exponentially, and our children  were deemed  the ‘least active generation ever’; all the while society struggled to support our increasing and ageing population.

Coming out of the pandemic there is a real opportunity to re-shape the health of the nation, and create a well-being super-system, that is better prepared and more resilient by creating greater overall health.

Finding innovative solutions to these challenges are key to helping establish a strong and resilient population. How can we create scalable, people-centred responses to the challenges we face, and how can accessible tech and community-based solutions become part of our everyday lives?

We are looking for programmes, products and health-tech ventures that can improve people’s health in body and mind, tackle health inequalities, access to knowledge, and provide long-term health security.

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Optional Charity Challenges

Within each of our Challenge Pathways, participants have the option of honing their idea further by choosing one of our Charity Challenges. We have partnered with some of the UK’s leading charities and think tanks, and the winning idea for each Charity Challenge will receive mentoring from senior experts within the organisations or an investment prize.

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Centre for Ageing Better

The Centre for Ageing Better are looking to support new solutions to:

  • Create safe and accessible homes
  • Support people to maintain their health as they age

Find out more about these Challenges.

Engineers in Business Fellowship

The Engineers in Business Fellowship are looking to support new solutions from participating university partners to:

  • Create new products that help people to live more healthy and productive lives
  • Create a greater understanding, engagement and interaction with technology and engineering

Find out more about these Challenges.


Groundwork is looking to support new solutions that can build community resilience by providing equitable access to nature, or tackling loneliness and social isolation. Find out more about these Challenges.

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