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Ingenuity has teamed up with the Centre for Ageing Better, a charitable foundation, to help create a society where everybody can enjoy later life. 


The Centre for Ageing Better creates evidence-based change in policy and practice and works with partners across England to improve employment, housing, health and communities for people approaching later life. 


Using a human-centred design approach, the Centre for Ageing Better are looking for ideas which aim to support people aged between 50 and 70 years old in the areas of focus for the organisation. In particular, for solutions to barriers that that stop them from doing the things they enjoy and that matter to them, spending later life in poor health and disability, staying in good quality, fulfilling work for as long as possible, and living in indecent homes. Below are the three elements of their Challenge:


1. Creating safe and accessible homes 

How can we transform the physical spaces that we live and work in to ensure they are accessible, safe and inclusive? How can we make sure that diverse housing options are provided for people approaching later life? 


This element of the Charity Challenge fits within our Build Community and Improve Health Challenge Pathways. 


2. Helping people to stay in, or return to, fulfilling employment 

How can we support people to be in good quality, fulfilling work, for as long as possible? How can we encourage healthier lives and ensure people do not have to end their working lives prematurely due to ill health? What innovations can tackle the health inequalities associated with this issue?  


This element of the Charity Challenge fits within our Create Prosperity and Build Community Challenge Pathways.  


3. Support people to maintain their health as they age 

How do we ensure that people’s living and work environments enable them to live a full life even if their health has declined or they have developed a disability? How can we increase access to and participation in sport and fitness in later life? How can we incentivise a healthier lifestyle? 


This element of the Charity Challenge fits within our Improve Health Challenge Pathway.  


The top ideas that respond to the Ageing Better Challenge will be invited to receive specialist mentoring from experts in the organisation. 


To find out more about the Centre for Ageing Better, visit:

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