Ingenuity is the name of the problem-solving methodology created at the Haydn Green Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (HGI) by Professor Simon Mosey, Professor Martin Binks and Paul Kirkham. It is a reflection of the DNA that runs through the University of Nottingham and the entrepreneurial spirit of the institution.


The Ingenuity Programme was created to develop the quality and impact of business ideas created at the University of Nottingham. Initially it involved mainly the student and graduate population. We then expanded out into the wider university community, working externally across the Midlands, Malaysia and China. 


Now in our sixth year, we are solely focusing on using business for impact. Ingenuity is looking for groups, individuals, and organisations who are ready for the challenge of making industry more impactful and creating new enterprises that will add value to all of our lives.


Ingenuity’s commitment is to create diverse networks across the UK and deliver structured interactions to understand the root of a problem, and then work to devise sustainable solutions for change. We will bring together the best knowledge from industry and academia, provide support and create investment, so that we can help drive the UK back to a thriving and inclusive economy, society and climate.

The relationships and connections made at Ingenuity have opened doors to people who would have been really hard to reach without the programme.
Tabitha Wacera, Sustainable Water

Meet the team

Steve Chapman profile photo

Ingenuity Director

Steve Chapman

Steve is responsible for overseeing the direction and partnerships for Ingenuity. He works directly with global and national companies to develop the annual Ingenuity Challenges and secure the investment for Ingenuity’s start-ups.

John Montague profile photo

Strategy Director

John Montague

John’s focus is working with Ingenuity’s Director to develop the programme’s strategic development and growth and help create the partnerships that support the programme’s work and investment.
Elizabeth Smith - headshot

Head of Programme

Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth oversees the delivery of the Ingenuity Programme and is responsible for relationships with our charities, think-tanks, and universities. She also curates speaker content for our events, creating programmes that link national insights with local experiences.

Marketing Manager

Emily Huggett

Emily manages the marketing and communications for the Ingenuity Programme. She is responsible for the Ingenuity campaign, website and external engagment.

Tom Coogan profile photo

Academic in Residence

Tom Coogan

Tom leads our Ingenuity Process briefings, providing our Future Founders with a step-by-step process to find and validate their idea. He is also involved in the development and learning journey of Ingenuity’s Mentoring Sessions.

Craig Butterworth - headshot

Ingenuity Coordinator

Craig Butterworth

Craig is responsible for the smooth delivery of the Ingenuity Programme.

Josef Bone - headshot

Marketing & Digital Assistant

Josef Bone

Joe is responsible for Ingenuity’s social media.

Photo of Simon and Eva

Regional Team

South Coast

Eva Poliszczuk – Catalyst Team Project Manager, Sussex Innovation Centre

Simon Chuter – Innovation Advisor and Student Enterprise Manager, Sussex Innovation Centre

Photo of Elizabeth and Craig

Regional Team

East Midlands

Elizabeth Smith – Ingenuity East Midlands Lead, University of Nottingham

Craig Butterworth – Ingenuity Coordinator, University of Nottingham

Regional team

West Midlands

Rachael Davis – Director of Warwick Enterprise, University of Warwick
Richard Groves – Enterprise Pathway Manager, University of Warwick

polly pick profile image

Regional team

West of England

Polly Pick – Director of External Engagement, University of Gloucestershire



Ingenuity was established at the University of Nottingham in 2016. Since then, we’ve had over 2,000 participants, awarded over £500,000, and reached a global audience.

Ingenuity has evolved over the years, and builds on over 20 years of entrepreneurship education, research, practice and competitions within the Haydn Green Institute.


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